Canadian Music Trade - October/November 2021 - Page 68

Product News

Focusrite Clarett + USB Audio Interface Range Focusrite has introduced the Clarett + range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces for PC and Mac , which build on the strengths of the previous Clarett range with improved converters and professional-quality mic preamps .
The Clarett + 2Pre , 4Pre , and 8Pre feature professional-quality mic preamps , which have very high headroom , low distortion , and ultra-low noise . All-analog Air with impedance switching and relay control brings clarity and presence by emulating the ISA 110 mic preamp from the classic Focusrite Studio Console . Improved high-dynamic-range A-D and D-A conversion with ultra-low distortion provides clearer mixes and enhanced detail at all levels . Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance offer transparent sound at all levels on any headphones , according to the company . As well , a collection of software , including mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments , expands the toolset .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .
Zildjian 40- & 24-in . Wind Gongs The Avedis Zildjian Company has released two sizes of its new Wind Gongs .
Wind gongs are traditional Chinese instruments for use in symphony orchestras , chamber ensembles , drum corps , and in meditative and ceremonial settings . Flat in profile with no rim , wind gongs are thin and extremely responsive , producing characteristically shimmering tones across a wide dynamic range . When struck softly , the wind gong resonates with a low drone , and can crescendo to deliver sounds that are sharp , explosive , bright , and splashy .
The new Zildjian Wind Gongs are available in 40-in . and 24-in . sizes . The 40-in . Wind Gong has a low pitch and the potential for power and projection , while the 24-in . Wind Gong offers a high fundamental pitch and an intimate sound . Both sizes are available in two versions , the first featuring a black Zildjian logo on the front and back of the gong , the second features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back . Both models come with a black hanging rope .
For more information , contact Coast Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ coastmusic . com , www . coastmusiconline . com .
Cordoba Protégé C1 Matiz Nylon-String Guitars Cordoba has released the Protégé C1 Matiz series of nylonstring guitars .
A new take on the traditional aesthetic of the nylon-string guitar , the Matiz series combines maple accents and traditional tonewoods in four eye-catching colours : aqua , coral , pale sky , and classic blue . Spruce top and mahogany back and sides provide the projection and warmth associated with a nylon string guitar , while the maple headplate , bridge , and full-scale fretboard give the C1 Matiz a new look with a lively tonal response . A satin polyurethane finish provides a layer of protection against nicks and scratches , while the ghost rosette , designed after Cordoba ’ s traditional wood rosette , allows the coloured tops of the C1 Matiz to shine through .
For more information , contact Cordoba Music Group : 310-586-1180 , info @ cordobamusicgroup . com , www . cordobamusicgroup . com .