Canadian Music Trade - December-January 2022 - Page 33

Daking Mic Pre 4T Daking has released the Mic Pre 4T . Building on the British sound of the Daking Mic Pre One and Mic Pre II / T , the Mic Pre 4T adds four variable high-pass filters to four high-gain / high headroom mic pres in a single rack space unit .
Each preamp channel offers the full complement of controls , including 75dB of gain , + 24dB of headroom , variable high-pass filter ( from 10-200Hz ), front-panel DI , 48V phantom power , phase invert , and a 20dB pad along with a high-resolution 20-segment LED meter and + 25dB indicator .
The Mic Pre 4T ’ s “ low-distortion ” Jensen input and output transformers offer more linear low-end performance under tough dynamic conditions . The variable high-pass filter dials out the low-frequency mud that can be subsonic and will decrease available headroom . Built in the U . S ., it uses an all-discrete transistor Class A circuitry . Unusually high 24dB of headroom and 20 easy-to-read segment meters make proper gain staging easier and more forgiving under a wider array of conditions , the company says .
For more information , contact TransAudio Group : 702-365-5155 , sales @ transaudiogroup . com , www . transaudiogroup . com .
Godin Multiac Nylon Deluxe Guitar Godin Guitars has launched the Multiac Nylon Deluxe guitar .
For the Multiac Nylon Deluxe , Godin built on what made the original Multiac unique , then incorporated a new LR Baggs preamp , custom-designed to its specifications . This system has two sound sources that can be combined , six individual HEX pickups , and a Lyric mic .
The Multiac Nylon Deluxe preamp complements the guitar ’ s natural acoustic capabilities , providing enhanced tone and volume control via a three-band EQ , master Volume slider , Phase switch , Saturation slider , and a Lyric mic blend . The Lyric pickup is especially useful for players of flamenco or other expressive , percussive styles of music . Thanks to its placement under the soundboard , the Lyric captures both the natural sound of the guitar , and each rhythmic beat on the soundboard .
The six individual sensors mounted in the bridge pick up the sound and vibration of each string — providing a clear , defined , and dynamic sound from any playing position on the neck . The ability to mix these two sound sources , and correct them with the custom preamp , increases the versatility . The solid chambered mahogany body design allows for feedback-free use in both the studio and on stage . A spruce top , mahogany neck , and Richlite fingerboard and bridge , complete this guitar .
For more information , contact Godin Guitars : 514-457-7977 , info @ godinguitars . com , www . godinguitars . com .
IK Multimedia iRig Stream Pro IK Multimedia has released the iRig Stream Pro . The original iRig Stream offered features for top apps and now the iRig Stream Pro enhances connectivity and audio quality for podcasting and streaming .
The iRig Stream Pro combines a 24-bit , 96 kHz audio interface for iPhone , iPad , Android , and Mac / PC with a comprehensive four-input in-line mixer . An XLR / 1 / 4-in . combo input , stereo RCA , TRRS , and device inputs ( Loopback ) offer more I / O , all submixed into a high-quality audio interface with more comprehensive features .
The iRig Stream Pro offers two modes . By default , it operates in stereo mode and pre-mixes multiple sources of audio ( RCA stereo inputs plus Loopback , XLR / 1 / 4-in . combo input , and TRRS microphone ) down to a stereo track , which is sent straight to streaming apps like Instagram , Facebook , Twitch , etc . Switching to multichannel mode , the combo and TRRS inputs are routed to channels three and four , respectively , giving users four channels of audio to send to recording apps like GarageBand or other compatible DAWs . Loopback + is a new feature that lets users route either or both channels three and four to audio apps like MixBox , AmpliTube , or VocaLive for processing and then route their outputs through the Loopback feature and into channels one and two going to their preferred streaming app , akin to using these audio apps as a plug-in for more creative and professional-sounding streams .
For more information , contact Hal Leonard : 414-774-3630 , sales @ halleonard . com , www . halleonard . com .